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What is MOZ Rank?

Mozrank actually defines the popularity of your link and it depicts the importance of your site with account to the traffic. MozRank is given to your site by the help of links that are linked to your site and quality, traffic of those links. If the quality links to your website are good and high then your website would have good Mozrank as discussed.

How MOZscape scores?

Mozrank is a score metric point total of 10. From 0 to 10 the logarithm score is divided and calculated. Getting MozRank of 4-5 is easier than getting 9-10 Mozrank. As many of the top websites have got 10 out of 10 Mozrank score.

Why MOZ Rank is Important?

Mozrank is important because its scale is totally dependent on the links you linked with. In simple words, its rank is totally due to the popularity of your website. That’s why MozRank is important because it depicts the traffic in other words.

How to Increase MOZ Rank?

You can easily increase your MozRank by getting links from the popular sites. Now question arise that how much links are enough to get better MozRank? Then it depends upon the other sites popularity whom your link is up on. If that site is most popular, then some links would be enough. But if that site is not so popular then many links would be required to get good MozRank.

How MozRank Works Technically?

MozRank in other words works mostly like Google Page Rank. Mostly search engines also provides there ranking criteria but MozRank is different than others because it measures many metrics to calculate Rank. Actually every page has a vote in basic words. Now how this vote is assigned to that page? Its simple, any page getting 500 links would obviously have more votes than the other page of 10 links. Mozrank measures both the internal and external links. External links are those links which are flowing away from the domain. External links also plays important behavior for predicting search engine rankings.
We recommend you to use our MOZ rank checker tool because our MOZ rank checker tool is the best online seo tool of all the other MOZ rank checkers tool because of the some reasons. Our MOZ rank checker provides you that information which is not even provided by any other online seo tool regarding MOZ rank. Some of our metrics that we show with our MOZ rank checker tool are following:

So, now what these above results are all about is described below.

What is Domain authority?

Domain authority is the metric score which tells about the popularity of domain with respect to its evaluation using search engines ranking and some other factors which includes many of the metrics about 40. All these metrics are then combined to give a single score of website named as domain authority. Domain authority is given by MOZ, which is actually a score out of 100. The most popular domain is which has a highest domain authority of 100 out of 100. Further this tool is discussed and evaluated at Domain Authority Checker

What is Page Authority?

Page authority is also given by Moz, which defines the page popularity of any website. This metric contains a total score of 10. The pages are then ranked by giving them a score individually out of 10. Getting page authority of 9-10 is too much difficult than getting page authority score of 3-4. Further this tool is discussed in detail and evaluated at Page Authority Checker

What is Moz title?

It depicts the title of the page, if available. The short code given to this term by Mozscape is ut.

What is Canonical URL?

It shows the canonical form of URL entered. Its short code is uu.

What is Total links by MOZ?

Short code given to this term by Mozscape is uid. Total links in this tool defines the number of links, whether equity links or not equity links and internal links to the domain or external links to the url.

What is Http status code by Moz?

This status code is the code which is recorded by the Mozscape (if available) by this URL, means the URL you provided. Its code is us

What is Time Last Crawled?

The code given to this term by Moz is ulc. This defines the time and date of crawling time of the URL. This format is returned in UNIX format by Moz.

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