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Several Questions regarding Domain Authority Checker tool:

What is Domain Authority?

Why we care about Domain Authority?

How to Increase Domain Authority?

How Domain Authority metric Works?

Why Domain authority metric is essensial?

All questions above are answered below:

What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority checker is used to define and check the score of your domain. This score actually defines the authority that is given to your domain. Domain authority is a point-scale ranging from 1 to 100. These scores have been extracted out from Moz which tells how much search engines have ranked your website. Domain authority is based on:

How Domain Authority Works?

These all above metrics are combined and then calculated to get a single score known as domain authority. These metrics are calculated by the machine which continuously learns Google algorithm with its best learning process. There are actually 40 metrics which are to be assumed to calculate your domain authority. That’s why domain authority of any domain could fluctuate. .i.e. increase or decrease. Domain authority is the best measurement of your website than any other tools at web which mostly uses the historic measurement of your site and also the seo efforts that have been done internally in your site.

Domain Authority is actually metric by MOZ which defines how well your domain is rank on search engines, mainly Google search engine. Then getting results from search engines it then combine those results with other metrics like link popularity and linking root domains. It correlates predictively algorithm with the many other metrics and tells us about how strong is your domain linked to the search engine.

Why Domain Authority?

Domain authority is provided to the world to give people a single score from which they can know there domain score. If your website has a score of 80-90, then believe me it’s an awesome score that your website got. You can easily achieve 20 or 30 score out of 100. But taking domain score up to 70 or we can say above than 70 is actually hard and difficult to get. As many of the top websites have top domain authority like GOOGLE, AMAZON and FACEBOOK.
Following are some websites with top domain authority:

Above the domains have the highest score points out of hundred respectively, that means they have the highest domain authority. Why they have or some sites has highest domain authority? Because,

Actually, Domain authority checker calculate all the page score of your website, means it took all the pages of your domain and evaluate them as a whole.

How to Increase Domain Authority of site?

Increasing domain authority of domain is difficult than any others SEO metrics because domain authority metric is calculated by combining approximately 40 metrics containing link popularity, linking root domains, MOZ trust, MOZ Rank, Link profile and search engine ranking and indexing. All these have impact on domain authority score. Domain authority actually reflects the competition in Google search engine because google takes many of the factors into account to rank a website and also google change their algorithm time to time. So, to increase your domain authority you got to improve your link profiles that impacts on MOZ Rank and MOZ Trust for sure. Our domain authority checker tool is the best seo tool online to check the authority information of any domain because of the following reasons.

This tool is powerfull tool that automatically generates the reports that tells how much the powerful presence of your domains is. Domain authority checker tool is the best of so far online seo tools because with just one click you are going to find maximum information of tools that no other site offers in seconds. We recommend you to use this tool for your site popularity and ranking. Also, don’t forgot to check your domain’s individual pages popularity with our another tool Page Authority Checker

Because, We provide you the best free online seo tools :-)

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