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Difference Between Domain Authority Checker and Page Authority Checker?

The difference between domain authority check tool and page authority checker tool is quite simple and easy. Domain authority checker tool is used to evaluate the authority for the whole domain that could include multiple pages of the domain if it has. whereas, page authority checker tool is used to check the authority for a single page instead of the multiple pages.

Domain Authority Tool?

Domain authority checker tool is mostly used to determine the score metric of your website. The Authority given to your website is determined by this domain authority checker tool. Domain authority actually is a metric score ranging between 1 to 100. These scores metric have been given by the Mozscape which told you that how well search engines bots have ranked your website after crawling. Actually Domain Authority is determined by the many of the calculations based on the following some metrics.

Why we have to use Domain Authority Tool?

Seotoolzz has given to the world a free Domain authority tool so that people would get a single score for their site from using this tool they can know there website score and popularity. Getting a score of 80-90 out of 100 is more than a difficult task instead of getting a score between 20 to 30 out of 100. There are several domains that have been ranked top and also they have top domain authority score out of 100. Some of the websites like google, facebook and twitter they all are getting a total score of 100 out of 100. because they are the top visited websites with the top ranking popularity.
Below are some website domains with the highest domain authority as below:

All the above sites respectively have the highest scoring points out of 100 which means that they got the highest DA(domain authority) as described. Now lets come to the reason that why they have got maximun domain authority?

Domain authority works on a simple way, it basically get all the pages of your website and then it measures the ratio of their popularity. After that domain authority by mozscape will decide the domain authority of the site as a whole.

Ways to Increase Domain Authority of your site?

You can increase your website domain authority. it is quite simple, you just have to increase the links to those site which are popular ones or the modified ones. because once you get to link with those site which are popular as well as verified domains then you will easily get the domain authority for your website. getting domain authority of score between 20 to 30 is more easy instead getting higher than that. So now inshort to improve your domain authority, you have to improve your links pointing to your sites. If the site is most popular then some links would be enough to get good domain authority but if your site is linking with those sites which are not too popular, then you have to get maximum links from sites to increase your domain authority.
The domain authority check tool of our is more powerfull domain authority check tool that tolds how good your domain has authority. Our domain authority check tool is one of our online seo tools which has an ability of giving efficient results and output. You dont need to register to use our tool, it is totally free and limitless domain authority tool.

Here is our Page Authority Checker Tool which is used to check the authority of the single page instead of multiple pages as domain authority checker tool does.
We have the hope to provide you the best and efficient online seo tools and ranking tools for you.

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