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We are using number of technologies we use every day when we browse the web. These are the data itself (the web pages) obviously, the formatting of this data, the transport mechanism which allows us to retrieve this data, and also there is the foundation, the root, the thing that makes the web a web: links from one page to the other. These links are URLs. We all know by now has seen a URL at least once in his life. Let’s take "http://www.seotoolzz.com" for instance. This is a URL. URL is a Uniform Resource Locator and is really a pointer to a web page (in most cases).
URL encoding is the transformation of a character ("?") into a harmless representation of this character which has no syntactic meaning in the URL. This is done by converting the character into a sequence of bytes in a specific character encoding, then writing these bytes in hexadecimal preceded by "%". A question mark in URL-encoding is therefore "%3F". We can write a URL pointing to the "to_be_or_not_to_be?.jpg" image as such: "http://example.com/to_be_or_not_to_be%3F.jpg" which makes sure that nobody would think there might be a query part in there. Mostly, browsers nowadays display the URLs by decoding (converting percent-encoded bytes back to their original characters) them first, while keeping them encoded when fetching them for the network. This means users are almost never aware of such encoding. Developers, or web page authors on the other hand have to be aware of it, because there are many pitfalls.
So we have provided an online tool where people can encode s well as decode every url, no doubt how long it is.

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