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In the start of 2011, significant changed to the algorithm of page ranking were implemented by Google that provide the webpages that have genuine and excellent content with the most higher ranking in search results provided by Google Search. It means pages with as good content have higher the rank. The main reason behind poor rankings of web pages is misspellings and typographical errors in the webpage content. The written text has the little value if it doesn’t provide useful information to the readers due to poor and inadequate developed content. The page won’t be listed as “Expert Content Page” and wouldn’t earn valuable backlinks, user rate on staying on the site will be less and site would have a bad ranking in regard. All the pages with a few typographical errors are not of all waste and not all wasted pages are full of spelling mistakes. In order to make your content optimized for human readers and to the search engine as well, do make sure that your content is written well, the objectives are clear; it should have proper grammar used and it is free from misspellings.


If you’re interested in optimizing the quality of text on your webpages and attain a higher rank in Google search engine, our spell checker is the best tool you have. Just paste the URL of the website’s homepage you want to spell check, and see the magic.

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