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Robots.txt Checker

What is robot.txt in SEO or what is robots.txt file?

People who visit your website, usually are referred from which is the best file search engine in among most known search engines. When it comes to finding your website Robots.txt sample help you make it easier for people to find your site easily. The robots.txt (robots.txt format, robots.txt syntax, robot.txt sitemap, robots.txt noindex) is a very simple text file that is placed on your root directory. An example would be This file tells search engine and other robots which areas of your site they are allowed to visit and index.

Allowed area have other names like robot.txt allow, allow all robots.txt, robot.txt allow all, allow robots.txt, ече, robots allow all, robots allow, robots.txt allow, index of txt etc. While the areas of your site they are disallow to visit and no index have other keywords like noindex robots.txt, robots.txt no follow, disallow, ече, robots.txt no index no follow, robot block, robots.txt disallow everything, robots.txt nofollow, disallow all, robots.txt disallow directory, disallow all robots.txt, robots.txt disallow folder, robots.txt deny all, disallow robots.txt, robots disallow all, robots disallow, robots.txt disallow, no robots.txt, ече.

Why to use robots.txt for SEO (SEO robot)?

Bloggers and other website owner are usually interested to bring more traffic to their website. Blogger robots.txt help the website owner to add the sample txt file and robots.txt examples to their website which can bring more user to their website links. Robots.txt checker keep website owner known about what users search most for and then using this information they could easily change their website links. Which further will be easily found by any user.

For example a user is looking for a certain thing on google let’s take it as “xyz” when that person search it on google; google look for all possible website links that may contain information about “xyz”. Later on user, who is searching for “xyz”, finds the site which has the according robot.txt created. Robot checker and robots.txt tester hence will provide great facility to web bloggers and other website owners such as ecommerce websites. There are some search engines that ignore robots.txt.

How to create a robots.txt file?

There are two keywords that standard robots.txt uses User-agent and Disallow. User-agent are search engine robots also known as robot crawler while disallow is a command that tells the accessibility of a URL. While, to give Google access to any specific URL that is child of any disallowed parent we have to use a third keyword named as Allow.

How to make robots.txt? By using these keywords (robots.txt user-agent, allow, disallow) we are able to create our file robots.txt. Sitemap robots.txt, robots.txt sitemap, sitemap contains URLs which are blocked by robots.txt. Robots.txt crawl-delay value is not a standard it is depend on search engines crawler. Crawl-delay is supported by some crawler to control their visits to host.

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