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Google Cache Checker


Google Cache Checker let you help checking google page cache of your required webpages, if your query webpages are in the google search index. This tool gives you a quick and easy way to check if your website’s web pages are included in Google's search index or not. This let you know that Google knows the web page exists and they have included it in their index to be made available in Google's search results. You can check the google page cache of as many webpages as you wish with our online google page cache checker tool.


You just have to enter your URL and it will open a pop window with the required results. If you won’t see any results, then must sure that your popup windows are not blocked by any extension/thing. If it is being blocked, i.e. (see at the end of your browser’s search bar) then you have to unblock the pop window from there. Then click again on the results button to see the results.

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