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When it comes to optimizing ones website, then we must have to be known that the content of our website matters a lot in google ranking or we can say any search engine ranking rule. There are millions of the websites running and there are hundreds of the websites that have been built for the same purpose. But have you always wonder that why google search engine or other search engines have been showing sights regarding priority i.e. top ranked website comes at the first position of the user searching. But why is this so? Which strategy a search engine adopt to rank any website to the top of indexing? There are many reasons to this question absolutely, but content of your website meant a lot to the search engine indexing criteria.


Content matcher is the way out to define how much your content is worthy or how much your content is unique to any other indexed website. It tells you from where your content has been copied, in short it tells you about the duplicated content that has been using on the other websites too.


This tool works in a very simple strategy. First it will get all the content of the website that you have specified and then it will search for duplication using google indexing. It breaks out the content in chunks and then search for the duplication at web. If the content is duplicated then it prompts you with duplication and prompts you an “OK” text in other case. It also tells you about the percentage of duplicated content.

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