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Finding backlink opportunities by searching for common footprints is a fairly basic tactic when it comes to link building. It's simply the process of searching for frequently occurring phrases on websites that offer you the opportunity to gain a link if you were to leave a comment, submit a guest post!!!

Footprint Chaser:


Increasing your website’s traffic obviously leads towards increasing your website ranking. As we know, better link building will obviously give you better results and no doubt better link building requires much time. Footprint chaser is used to build better links automatically with just clicks and show the build results.


Footprint chaser runs on very simple link building strategy. It provides you a text area to enter a keyword that you wanted to build the links and provides you a drop down box with the selection of “footprint type”, that is actually the type of search specifying fields i.e.
• Guest blogging.
• Blog commenting.
• Message boards and forums.
• Advanced searched parameters.
• Wiki media pages.
• Other queries.
Now from above selection there will appeared another dropdown specifying the related fields to provide you more exact search. Also, it provides you to specify the country because country wise the search ranking links are somehow different a bit.

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